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Buying a Home

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It’s fair to say that buying a home involves the largest and most expensive financial transaction you will ever make in your life. Using a professional is essential for buying a home and I can guide you and help you reach your real estate needs. It is my sole responsibility to make sure I do everything I possibly can, in the most honest and ethical manner, to ensure I find your dream home.

You shouldn’t ever have to settle or take less than you want or deserve, so my main focus is to find your ideal home. I understand that you are not only buying a home, but a lifestyle.  I can provide you with school district information, local community information, zoning ordinances, etc. With my experience in pricing,  you will know when a property is over or underpriced and what fair value is. This is far more than just a business transaction for you so feel confident that I will make sure you have everything you need during this process.

Buyer’s Tools:

Get help understanding the financing options available to you. Mortgage tools are available to help take some of the guess work out of the whole buying process.

Mortgage Calculator
Use my mortgage calculator to help determine what you can expect your monthly mortgage rate to be for a new home purchase or a refinance. My mortgage calculator also allows you to see the difference in payments when choosing different mortgage terms and rates. This tool can also give you calculations on the effects of a larger/ smaller down payment, adding extra payments, and ultimately which mortgage is right for you.

Pre-qualify for Your Mortgage
Do you want to know if you qualify for a home loan? Do you want to know how much you may qualify for? Narrow down your options by knowing how much house you can really afford. Use my easy, no-risk pre-qualifying application and get started on your home buying process today!